Despite Sub Saharan Africa having a significat portion of the world's fertile land, farmers in the region rarely achieve profitability and commercial scale. Our solution support farming operations across the entire value chain while increasing farmer's connectivity with key stakeholders.

What we do

agronomy research

We regularly work with academia and agricultural specialists to guarantee accurate and relevant studies on crop science, climate impact and other factors that affect farming.

This increases the quality of advice we provide to farmers such as; best farming practices and optimal fertilisation methods, and optimises value.

soil testing

We collect soil samples from our users' farm to complete detailed analysis of the nutrients, composition and chemistry of the soil. This data supports our interaction with farmers.

The characteristics of the farm's soil is important in ensuring a successful harvest with optimal product yields

precison agriculture

Using dynamic data ans hardware like; soil sensors and drones, we optimise decision making for the farmer. we also use historical data and regression analysis to support data insights.

With better product decision, more accurate timing of operational activities and an improvement of agronomic opportunities, we increase the efficiency and profitability of the farm.

sales aggregation

Through partnerships with large buyers, we enxure sales of farmer's produce. This is important in increasing farmersl profitability and reducing post harvest waste loss.

The Food and Agricultural Organisation's 2011 estimate of post harvest wste loss in Sub saharan Africal is 37%.

Our Solution

farming management platform

We provide a suite of features that inform a farmer on 'what to grow', 'when to grow' and 'how to grow'.
using crowdsourced methods we support farmers' key operations, ensuring farming methods are sustainable and optimise produce yield. with better yields, farmer can harvest more, increase sales and maximise profits.

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